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Hanna Rosin’s controversial new book proclaims the “end of men” and tracks the rise of women. (Guernica Magazine)

EXCERPT: Despite the shocking-pink title on its bright yellow cover, Hanna Rosin’s new book The End of Men focuses primarily on women. Her idea, she says, was to look closely at women in the public sphere, focusing on the workplace and delving into marriage and sexual relationships as a way of showing how public relationships blur into the private arena. According to Rosin, we are at a key moment in history, where women are beginning to outperform men economically and in higher education (in fact, they may begin outperforming men in elementary school). While much of this accomplishment has taken place within the grueling, at times inhumane, environment of the traditional workplace, women in the upper echelons of business have made some strides to change the workplace to better accommodate complex living…

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Nicki Minaj: Best Feminist of All Time?

Nikki Minaj is a great example of what NOT to be when you grow older. Little girls need better role models.

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I recently came across an article about Nicki Minaj by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd which discussed the feminist qualities of Nicki Minaj. I must say, I was surprised. 

In her article, Nicki Minaj’s Retroactive Feminism, Shephard’s main claim: that Nicki Minaj stops short of being just about the best feminist right now. I must say I was intrigued as I read, but there are definitely some niches to catch here.

“That the song was cast as purely the provenance of women (by a white man, no less) helped make Minaj’s legions of rabid fans worldwide (she calls them Barbz, feminizing both genders by nicknaming them after Barbie) even more loyal to her movement. 

Okay I must stop right here. Barbz? Barbz refers to the term “Barbie” & Barbies are not exactly well known for being feminist. On the contrary, Barbies are all about plastic looks and hooking up with as…

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